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I would like to borrow a famous tag-line “Happy to help” (Voda guys don’t take me to court for using this, but damn its so good!)  to sum-up what i want to say here! Well the idea to create this page clicked in my mind couple of days back when i received few request from business owners and an NGO to help them out with there marketing communication issues. I happily agreed and started thinking if there is any other way i can help other interested organisations, hence this page. So i will just give you a brief as to how i can partner with you in your success. And if you are an NGO, and if i get convinced with your cause, i am on it for FREE!

What all i will not endorse or give my opinions on?

Please don’t judge me by this but somewhere i need to filter things:-

1) Porn
2) Potency pill marketers (I personally don’t need them. So please spare me with your ads 🙂 )
3)  will add more to this later

What i will be excited to endorse or give my opinions on?

Based on my experience and interest i will be happy to help out people/organisation from following industries:-

1) Travel/Tourism/Hospitality
2) IT/Software Start-ups
3) Design Studios
4) NGO (Preference is to organisation/people working on climate control/environment)
5) Organic/Agriculture products
6) Education

I have kind of honest opinion on things so don’t expect me to write/ideate on one sided view of things. And if i am moved with your concept, you will have my hand, legs, brain, eyes, hair (whatever left on my head) and other things into it. I will do my best to utilise my expertise in marketing communication, web marketing, social media marketing and designing to help you guys sail to a shore that you have dreamt about!

As usual people like to drive there car before buying it, so to understand what i am all about you can go through this blog , read my rants on twitter or see my professional profile or as we live in the days of google just search my name “Suhel Khan” you will get my web trail. And if you feel interested just drop me mail on I will be HAPPY TO HELP YOU !


4 comments on “Endorsements

  1. Abhishek Thakur
    July 20, 2009

    Hi Suhel,

    I m happy to see this article and feel proud, that we have a friend like you.

    I m defiantly going to tell the peoples who are in need of it.

    Keep going buddy….

  2. Nilendu Bhattacharya
    July 20, 2009

    Hey Suhel,

    You really do write like a professional. Nice to go through your posts.

  3. Suhel Khan
    July 20, 2009


    Abhishek/Nilendu thank you so much for your comments. You guys keep me motivated!


  4. Sukumar Jena
    March 22, 2013


    I dont know how can i write few words about you.. But i am happy to see your blog today. Its a amazing, quite interesting.

    Open hearted i am telling here, I have never read such a nice blog and like your thought .

    I like you person and i need your help to motivate my self.

    Sukumar jena

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