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The curious case of lighting cigarette.


Unusual ideas usually come from pretty usual things. The idea of this article is one such case. I want to share an interesting pattern that I have been noticing in last one decade. A bit about me before i get to the point, I have a compulsive travel disorder and I am not looking for any treatment anytime soon. I have lived in villages, small towns, metros, megacities in India and abroad. This has given me the opportunity to see how the “Pan Walas” (cigarette vendors point in case) have creatively done there business over the last decade. The most important point that I want to focus is there small “customer care” gesture of offering a method of helping their customer light there cigarettes, yes “light” there cigarettes. I am classifying some of these methods and how they are changing because of time/place. Some of them are:-

 1) Kerosene Lamp: From large cities to villages you will find a small lamp with strips of paper to light it and then light your cigarette. These strips are usually old cigarette cases diligently cut into strips. Though getting extinct pretty fast.

2) Matchbox: You will find it “served” in various format. Like loose sticks with lots of empty boxes to strips pasted on the walls to light your matches.

3) Burning Rope: A long jute rope hanging from a string. The rope burns slowly hence a good way to cut cost.

4) Lighter: A humble 10 RE lighter tied to a string. ( I have nicked it once 😉 )

5) Electric Lighter: Various versions, but the way is same stand like a joker holding the button till the wire warms up.

Have you come across anything else?


One comment on “The curious case of lighting cigarette.

  1. Vipin
    September 23, 2013

    A keen observation..very nice

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