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Increase your headache by hiring a mobile app developer based on low cost

I have been on both side of the fence in mobile app development, as a vendor providing services and as a client buying services from mobile app development companies. I have faced the heat from my clients for quoting high prices and I have given endless lectures to my vendors for the same. Point is high prices are not always “high prices”, it might actually be the right price to pay to get a great app. But the problem starts when we get trapped with a low cost vendor who promises you everything and delivers a shoddy application which even your kid will laugh at. I remember a old conversation with a client from Sweden, here is an excerpt from it :-

Client: What on earth you were smoking when you did the estimation? It is 4 times higher than your immediate competitor.

Me: So you mean it doesn’t fall in your budget?

Client: Not like that, your pricing is ridiculous.

Blah blah blah blah..more blah later…

Me: Ok, I am sorry but it will be difficult for me to lower down my quote according to your expectation

Client: Thanks for your time and good luck.

Same client 3 months later

Client: Do you guys still into mobile app biz?

Me: Yes, How about you?

Client: Kind of, the last vendor tried his best to throw me out of the business. They gave a crappy app which crashed all the time and in the whole process I don’t know what all I was charged for. Is it possible for you take up this up assignment again?

Me: Will be my pleasure sir.

Exactly, same thing happened with me, I burned my money, precious time and almost decided to abandon the project before somebody rescued me out of it. So finally I am in the process of making a detailed checklist for you to analyze quotes effectively, make a delivery checklist, select the best vendor, and some more tips to shortlist the right vendor. I will be publishing that soon and I am sure this will help a lot of people. Meanwhile, if you wish to share experiences then do post it here or if you have an app idea and would like to chat up then you can fill this simple form here  or you can get in touch with me over here Skype: Khansuhel | Twitter: Suhel_khan | Email:



One comment on “Increase your headache by hiring a mobile app developer based on low cost

  1. MobileAppz (@mobileappsin)
    January 16, 2013

    Getting the right mobile app developer is difficult but if you plan it well then its not that difficult. Single experience cannot generalize the way industry works and low cost providers can also give high level of output as compared to other expensive vendors.

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