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GapJumpers: Filling the gap by jumping over it

It sounds odd but it is actually possible to fill the gap by jumping over it. Two guys Petar Vujosevic and Kedar Iyer jammed up together to create worlds first portal which makes it possible for students to earn real endorsements from companies they are aspiring to work for or from marquee companies from the industry they wish to join. Endorsement earned on various sites are not sometime authentic and that is the very reason they are not taken seriously by the prospective employers. This is exactly the gap there startup GapJumpers is trying to fill up. (I wish it was there in my college days 🙂 ) 

The reason i decided to feature this startup is the potential it has to change the way traditional recruitment industry works. Over the last 10 years, in my various professional roles i was closely involved in the hiring process and i have always been disappointed with the quality of applicants that we use to get. It was like shooting in the dark, relying on your intuition, believing in your gut feeling and at times taking decisions on the face value to bring in the most important resource of the business. But i am very confident that Gapjumpers as a platform will definitely bring a sea change in the way we recruit people. I have tried the platform and have got pretty decent results. Right now they are  operational in Latin America and i am sure they will soon be touching Indian shores.

I am sure you would like to know a bit more about them and in that case i highly recommend you to have a look at following links in which the founders of this platform share there vision and take you on a tour of the inner workings of the system:-

Introducing @gap_jumpers cc @floatr @nikoherzeg

Into the gap

This startup is part of Startup-Chile program. Will be catching up soon with one of its founder Kedar Iyer to understand how my organisation can benefit from this. You can catch up with him as well on @floatr


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