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I am into an extramarital affair and her name is Nokia MeeGo N9.

I have been into mobility solutions selling for more than four years and i am mentioning this to stress on a point that i have played around with all mobile OS and a large number of devices. Well this post is not to brag about my experience in mobility but about the new romance in my life. I have recently started working with the most beautiful hardware and operating system that i have ever seen- Nokia MeeGo N9.

It is far beyond the Apples and Androids of the world (not even considering BB 😉 ). It was love at first sight and since then i couldn’t take my eyes away from it.  Then i realised its just infatuation but then the feeling started syncing in that i am getting into loooongg serious affair with it. And to know why have a look at this page with the complete details about the hardware and platform.

But, every story has a villain and in my story Nokia Lumia played that role. Nokia abandoned Meego and adopted Windows. Nokia N9 hardware was fitted with some clumsy buttons and rechristened as Lumia. I had sleepless nights looking at Lumia and deep in my heart i still have a feeling that if Nokia had launched MeeGo globally it would certainly have catapulted it as a tough competitor in the smartphone market. And if you read this  you will understand why i think so.

My story doesn’t end here, i am showing my love by making apps for this OS, so that i can have a story to tell my grand kids. But, in the end WHY NOKIA WHY?

First Nokia MeeGo N9 app in the series to show my love. 🙂


3 comments on “I am into an extramarital affair and her name is Nokia MeeGo N9.

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  2. Brahim
    May 28, 2012

    thank u for this story and i feel every thing that u said
    and i only want to know how to make apps for n9 and what program do u use to make them because i want to make app for the n9 too, i study Software engineer so just tell me what program to use and how to make apps so our dream to make n9 the best in the world

  3. raymen
    May 29, 2012

    Supet article..loved they way you weaved your feelings..i m frm fiji..recently bought n9 n in love with it…writing ths comment from the same..:)

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