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Unofficial guide to GITEX-2010 : What to see and what not to miss at gitex technology week-2010. Part 1

For those who don’t know what GITEX is then read one of my post here.

Gitex Technology Week is one of the longest running tech fair in the world. I mean 30 years really mean something. I have been going to GITEX from quite some time but as a fellow exhibitor this will be my second time. I was talking to one of my existing client from Mexico and he spent almost 30 minutes over the phone understanding what Gitex is all about and I shared whatever I knew. The idea of writing this unofficial guide came from that conversation, hence this post. I will share some of my experiences about GITEX and also try to give you some interesting things you can do there.
Some facts:-

1) Gitex is held in Dubai every year in the month of October between 17th to 21st October. The whole event is divided into following sub events :-

1.1 Gitex Global Leader Summit
1.2 Gitex Global Conference
1.3 Gitex Cloud Confex
1.4 Gitex Exhibitions
1.5 Special Event: 30th Anniversary highlights
1.6 Gitex Business Solutions
1.8 Consumer Electronics
1.9 Connexions@Gitex
1.10 Gitex Mobile Apps & Content World (Most excited about πŸ™‚ )
1.11 Gitex Conference

2) Another interesting event which i dint list above is Gitex Majlis , which is a VIP club for C-level and other high level executives from visiting and exhibiting companies.

3) People who like the visual things here is the photo gallery and video from the official website.

4) The official car sponsor (Ford) always showcase some of there new models. I dont know what they are showcasing this time but last year i was able to lick the bonnet of a Ford Mustang GT 2010 model. πŸ˜‰ dont miss this one!

5) New Product Launches: Some big brands always launch some new gadgets, tech etc either first time in MENA region or make GITEX there global launch pad. Here is the complete list of exhibitors and you can find what they will be launching or where they will be located inside the exhibition area.

6) The entry is very economical, for the whole event its roughly $ 32 . You can check out the map here. You can find the parking detail on the same page.

7) The food courts are amazing, last time there was this shawarma joint which dished out some amazing stuff. To stay there are couple of options but Novatel being in the exhibition area makes it a good choice.

Woaaaa..Tired now will continue this in Part 2 post (The real thing is yet to come πŸ™‚ ) Drop a line to me on twitter or leave a message if you want to share your experience. πŸ™‚

Hey up with the next post in this series.Β  Read it here.


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