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Mobile apps at Gitex Week-2010, Dubai .

Well its again that time of the year for me when i literally live out of my office, eat next to my laptop with head tilted holding a phone and mind racing to outpace the competition. As a blogger/marketer i am giving you a sneak peek into the war-room of a mobile app company exhibiting in the upcoming GITEX Technology Week-2010, Dubai.

Gitex is dubbed as the third largest IT exhibition and the leading tech fair in the middle east. This will be my second year as an exhibitor.  The whole experience of Gitex will be enhanced this time for sure cause some forwarded looking people in the organizers have decided to put an entire section dedicated to mobile apps.  Mobile apps of course is the hottest thing since the time the tech world declared that the web is dead. If you dont belive that then here are some facts for you to chew on :-

Source Gartner Study :-

1) This year alone users across the globe $6.2 billion to buy ‘mobile applications’ — games, social net- working tools, productivity and entertainment-based mini apps for mobile phones.

2) Another study predicts the Mobile App market in 2012 will be worth $17.5 billion with an expected 50 billion downloads.

3) And this despite the fact that 80 per cent of these will be free downloads anyway this year.

Not enough? Read the complete story here.

With this in mind i am gearing up to ensure that we put up the best show for the million plus people coming to GITEX. I am part techie part marketer and mobility off-lately have been my focus areas. I have been speaking a lot on various platforms recently about this next big wave and i believe this is the right time to ride it before large players throw there hats in the ring.

For some of you, get a glimpse of what Gitex is all about here :-

If you are interested or would like to discuss more about mobile apps then you can meet me in GITEX or catch me on twitter.


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