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A Child Prodigy – An Artist in Making !

I think it will be a pleasant surprise for my blog readers, I mean you, who normally expects that either I write about branding/marketing or technology. This time I will not write anything about it but about Painting which is most of you know is my passion. I am compelled to write about this here not because my painting blog has been hijacked by some @#$@#$ underground hacker for I don’t know what reason, but because I met a child artist on my recent trip to Dubai.

I have a friend and a popular techpreneur Mr. Prashant K Gulati based in Dubai. We spent some good time together at his office and after that we decided to go to his house and that is where I met his 5 n half year old daughter Ananya (lovingly called Nanna) . We were busy discussing various aspects of management, technology etc and there was this kid jumping around us in her own child like “dhuun” . She was humming some kind of tune which was unusual for a kid of that age, it was Beethoven Symphony 7 (I don’t know If heard it correctly ) but I was amazed.  Then Mrs. Indrani (Anannya’s mother) came in along with one of her paintings and I was amazed to look at the details she had tried putting into it.  I was already surprised with it but this little kid decided to turn me into her fan, then the real work started pouring in from the closet.  One was an eclectic mix of colors thrown on the canvas to depict a skyline with a reflection of it on the water, done with absolute perfection. I was wondering how she could control her little fingers to make the brush dance in such a way.  The other painting she made was of tree trunks with some sort of spray painting done to show the leaves and the branches. The last one that I saw was a show stopper – It was a charcoal abstract done on paper. I have been painting for almost 8 years now and I still have problem in sketching with charcoal as it smudges a lot but the little fingers did a magic here as well, clear lines, bold depiction of the ideas with an absolute profoundness.

I was so happy to see the work that I decided that I will take the honor of introducing this artist to  you  and  I am sure you will enjoy going through her paintings below and will leave a comment as a wish to her  for a creative future ahead.

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5 comments on “A Child Prodigy – An Artist in Making !

  1. neerja tiwari
    June 22, 2010

    lovely one ..esp the reflections

  2. Amit Kumar Mishra
    June 22, 2010

    It’s great… So finally you should learn from “Ananya” that don’t spoil your time with charcoal paintings 🙂 … Art in somebody is by birth…Jokes apart This girl is really amazing and I hope she has a gorgeous sparkling future ahead…

  3. Shruti
    June 25, 2010

    Thanks for sharing this…kids these days have great IQ and Talent so i hope all parents identify their interest, promote and provide them maximum exposure to do well in whatever they want to DO!!
    All the best to “Ananya”.

  4. Aaliyah Patel
    June 26, 2010

    Wow! Haven’t ever seen someone as young as Ananya displaying such beautiful artworks with such tiny fingers!!
    This is impressive 😀

    • Suhel khan
      June 27, 2010

      Thanks Aaliyah for your comment !

      You should meet her to believe this.. 🙂

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