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Is iPad another success story from Apple Stable?

Nothing can beet the way Apple paddle its products. One success story after another, there dream run doesn’t seem to end ! I think Apple ran one of the lowest marketing budget for this product, most of the buzz was created by WOMA & social media marketing. And apple guys really know how to ride the wave or create one 🙂 !

Ofcourse you might have gone through lot of blogs talking about iPads possible features but i wouldn’t talk about that. As the normal mode of my blog is to ideate on things, so i would like to throw some good way iPad can be used. Let me start !

1) Exhibitions: Imagine you walking in a exhibition area with the ipads wifi switched on. You can have the entire floor plan on your tip and you can see the stalls with the company exhibiting there and then tap on it and it shown the list of delegates from them company and see what they have to offer and once you are convinced you can just open the navigation mode and iPad will take you there! I wish i had something like this in GITEX, Dubai which was spread over area in kilometers. CeBIT guys should come up with something like this or may be someone should come up with a demo in Mobil World Congress, Barcelona.

2) Hospital: A doctor moving around in the hospital not with his usual pad with the patients vital records but instead he has everything stored on his iPad and it can manage his entire day also beam back the minute by minute updates from the medical instruments in the patients room. There are lot many possibilities with healthcare,  i am just throwing some ideas.

3) Tourism: A marriage between augmented realty and the power of iPad. Get the map of the entire city and tourist spot with videos, pictures, peoples feedback aggregated from the social media onto just one place. Let the user decide whether he really wants to visit it or not. It happens with me whenever i visit a new city i normally talk to people to know the best clubs, tourist places to go n stuff, now with iPad why not we create an application like that, which can help a newbie in the town and also it can be a great platform to brand or promote local products and services.

4) Navigation: Nah we can do that with a simple phone nowdays! yap you are right but what else you can do with iPad is finding your way in a completely new way. Imagine tapping on the maps from above with high-resolution satellite imagery, up close with street view, or with topography in a new terrain view — all using Google Services. Search for a nearby restaurant or landmark, and then get directions from your current location and also see lot of images/video of the various locations.

5) Gaming: Do i need to write anything here ! 🙂 just imagine playing needforspeed by just turning & twisting your ipad, which uses it inbuilt oscillator to calculate the movements..

I can keep dreaming about the possibilities but instead i gonna get my and develop something for myself or my clients and see some great taking shape.

Well coming to the bottom-line, what iPhone did to mobile advertising, iPad will just take it one step further and the advantage is its netbook like power, sleek design, and yeah its Apple product so it automatically gets access to millions of app on iStore !

Do i see the death of Kindle ! 🙂

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2 comments on “Is iPad another success story from Apple Stable?

  1. Sarah Lynch
    February 10, 2010

    I think the only people who will buy it are people who know nothing about technology and just blown off by the big touchscreen.

    There are so many flaws (lack of flash, no camera, no multitasking, etc) and people who know more about technology, will not buy it.

  2. Amit Kumar Mishra
    February 23, 2010

    iPad is no doubt a good product and milestone from apple. But the point here we are living in tech convergence age. The motive of today’s life is to synchronize our daily needs and hobbies on one device.
    Here the Apple iPhone comes as it includes business, fun and social feature all together.
    Apple products rocks as it became a status remark these days and it has a loyal customer inventory.

    Might be I am wrong here.

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