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Mobile Augmented Reality Application: The future is not on the web, its in your pocket !

Wondering why I am talking about techy stuff as I normally right about branding, marketing and communication. Well the reason is that I am just excited about the potentiality of the mobile apps since I joined as the marketing guy for a company which is heavily into some cutting edge mobile application development.  And I want to talk about this on my blog as is see mobile apps as the next big platform for advertising and promotion, primarily because it is the most accessible device for any individual. You don’t have to switch on a computer to surf the web now. The power lies in your pocket- your humble mobile phones (though they are no longer humble, since the advent of smartphones 🙂  ) !

In this post I want to straight away get into some amazing possibilities of augmented reality applications. By the definition from Wikipedia “Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with (or augmented by) virtual computer-generated imagery – creating a mixed reality.”  All this is being made possible by an amazing mobile based browser called “Layar” .  Layar is a free application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone.

I have listed some of the amazing possibilities of augmented reality apps here :-

1) MARA: The project by Nokia Research Center. Click here to know more about this exciting project.

2) TwittARound: TwitARound takes the iPhone’s camera and overlays live video of the world around you with tweets. Move around and you can see who is tweeting and how far away. Source Mashable.

See the app in action Below!

3) Layar: Layar is an augmented reality app available for Google Android phones. It allows developers to create their own augmented reality by adding layers on top of the live video on your phone. Yelp (Yelp), Wikipedia (Wikipedia), Google (Google) search, Twitter, and more can be seen through the eyes of Layar. Source Mashable.

See the app in action Below!

4) Nearest Tube: Not only is this augmented reality app cool, but it’s useful as well! This iPhone app will help you find the nearest subway station. No need to ask for directions, and you will never get lost. Source Mashable.

See the app in action Below!

5) TAT Augmented ID: This one not about location, but about people. This app uses the Flickr (Flickr) facial recognition technology of Polar Rose to identify a person’s face and pull up info like their online profile and contact info. Both creepy and amazing at the same time. Source Mashable.

See the app in action Below!

6) Wikitude AR Travel Guide: Why hire a travel guide when you can just hold up your phone and it will bring up Wikipedia information on the site you’re looking at? Yes, seriously, you could learn about practically anything by opening this app up.  Source Mashable.

See the app in action Below!

I am sure if you have seen all the videos then you wont want me to write the possibilities this exciting new technology can bring to advertising. Simply pull out your phone, switch on your camera, point towards a street and find out which store is giving out better discounts choose the one and enjoy shopping!

Do visit back for more to come on mobile apps & the way to monetize them ! Any queries drop an email to !

Cheers !



7 comments on “Mobile Augmented Reality Application: The future is not on the web, its in your pocket !

  1. raj Narayanasamy
    February 7, 2010

    Wow. Great article. Twit around seems to be one step ahead of CloseBys in this area as we CloseBys displays local tweets too. The key feature of CloseBys is to enable real world transactions as well. The growth in smart phone market will help all of the above mentioned.

    • Suhel khan
      February 7, 2010

      Thanks Raj for reading it!

      I am aware of the twitter integration in closebys and i see ARA as a logical extension to Closebys. You just have to bring the peices together.:) I am betting heavily on a mobile player who can come out with a low cost smartphone. It will really help the businesses ! What say?

  2. Rohan Chandrashekhar
    February 7, 2010


    Thanks for expressing an interest in augmented reality or as Keiichi Matsuda puts it “.. (hyper) reality”. I say thanks because there aren’t very many people who are interested (in India) or see the kickass positives this technology will bring once it goes mainstream late this year.

    Continuing on your post, I think the next version of Google Street View is going to be a worthy mention to your list.


    Rohan Chandrashekhar

    • Suhel khan
      February 7, 2010


      I am betting onto ARA business and i am sure it gonna prove as the next big thing in the tech sphere as its absolutely user friendly and helpful. Yes Google street view will be part of my list in the updated post !

      Thanks for visiting my blog !

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  4. garima
    February 9, 2010

    Hey!! it was really cool post! I loved all the tech that u have mentioned!! Just wonder why people in India are not very much aware of these!!
    TwittARound is just an application for u(Tweet Lover)

    Waiting for your next post eagerly!!

  5. Amit Mishra
    February 9, 2010

    Hi Suhel,
    You are right that future is mobile. I came across multiple application for upcoming future based on mobile augmented. My question is very simple. How it’ll beat sixth sense technology if it comes to market?
    The reason of question is very simple. If I’ll look from a marketer prospective it’s important for me to monetize my apps and make a proper revenue stream. However I think it would take some more years to penetrate global market.
    Till then may we have some better options with respect to my question.
    By the way I love your post. Keep writing….

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