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What is online branding? Tips and tricks.

This post on online branding is in continuation of my previous post on How can small business/startup benefit from branding?

If you have come to this article chances are that you belong to any one of these category:-

1) Already have a respectable online presence and you are looking for some tips. (you will get them here)

2) You are looking forward to establish/create your brand presence online.

3) You suffer from compulsive reading disorder (or order) for anything about branding.

4) You run a blog on branding and you would like to leave a comment to get a back link. 🙂

5) Or you searched “blog on branding”  on Google and found my blog on the top of the heap.

Whatever your reason may be i will try to do my best to explain you about online branding and will also share some link and reference to pick up some ready to use tips.

Even with all the fanfare about social networking sites, Internet is still a cold and mechanical place. The focal point to the success of your brand online should be just four words “Be warm, Get closer” . I don’t want to reinvent the wheel by harping the same facts what others are talking about and is absolutely logically. So in this post I am just identifying the areas you should focus on and a link from the industry experts to read further about it.

1) Your Website: The website is an extension of your business and not some separate entity. It should be treated with little more care . For some great tips please follow this article to know more about corporate website design tips.

2) Your Social Media presence: If you think social media is all about hanging out with your old pals, the please change your perception before its too late. Chris Garett is the foremost authority on Social Media. Read this article to know more about Social Media Branding.

3) Conduct Webinars: You want to give a seminar about the great product or service you recently launched but due to cost and logistics you are not able to organize one. Then webinar is something that a doctor will prescribe you. Webinar is all giving  a seminar on web. Read more about here.

4) Video Advertising: Yes Youtube is not just a place to surf through videos uploaded by kidos from their mobile cameras. There is more to it, utilize this channel and you will see that your brand can become popular overnight literally. Read this to know more.

Some other articles you will be interested in are:-

Are You Losing Control of Your Brand Online? By Star Hall

Top ten hints on managing your brand online.  By eConsultancy

50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Online: By Jacob Share

9 Ways to Communicate a Rock-Solid Identity: By Bob Baker

I am not deliberately writing about SEO & PPC because I think the blogs, articles, e-books on these topics will be more then no. of bibles in the entire world, if not to exaggerate. But if you have interest then I recommend a blog here which will explain you the topic in detail.

I know I have not discussed things in detail, and I am sure you have question for me. Please send in an email to or leave a message here and i will attend to it in no more then 1 business day.



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