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How can small business/startup benefit from branding?


This post is in continuation of my previous post on “What is the difference between brand development, brand strategy and branding?”

I started writing this article keeping in mind the big boys but later on thought it would be good to write with small business & startups as the focus piece. So i zukishh the paper took  aim and threw it in the basket, sorry big boys next time.

You are a small business going to be a big business, fella’s you are at the right stage for creating a “long lasting brand”. You can lay a very strong foundation right now and see your brand grow later or you ignore it now and regret later, choice is of course yours!

How can branding benefit you as a small business, and why should you place any emphasis on developing a brand in the early stages of your business? There are numerous reasons, but perhaps a few of the most important are:

1-I know you so I like you– Creating a distinct identity helps your customer remember you and your product/service offerings. By branding you help them do away with the fear of unknown. You actually provide them a psychological assurance that it’s beneficial to choose your service over your competitors.

2- Sound professional in every sense of it- Branding helps you create an impression of professionalism, commitment and confident. It will make you look bigger than you are, and this is not a false promise but a way of showing confidence in your work.

3- We are not running away:- A business with shoddy image is always perceived as a fly by night operator. Prospective customers feel that you are here to make a quick buck. But if you project yourself as someone adding value to their life/business they will happily accept you.

4- Grey hair matter a lot: With the passage of time, as you grow into a much bigger and better business, if branded properly(earlier) you will be perceived as somebody with experience and which translates into Trust-our most important goal in building a brand.

5- Diversity demands consistency at times: You may be a business with multiple line of products, some of them are popular and some are still looking for their place in the market. If executed rightly then branding can help you drive benefits for your not so popular products from the one that are popular.

With this blog post I leave you with a workbook/checklist kind of a thing especially for senior management guys to keep it handy when they are working out a strategy on branding or MarCom. You can download it here.  If you feel like catching up with me you can do so at following places :-

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My next post will be on “What is online branding? Tips and tricks.” with a complete how to guide.  Till then cya!

This article is also featured on “Brands & Branding Community“, The Encyclopaedia of Brands & Branding in South Africa, the country’s leading brand knowledge publication for the past 15 years and is published annually by Affinity Publishing. Thanks to the guys out there!


5 comments on “How can small business/startup benefit from branding?

  1. bbrian017
    July 27, 2009

    Nice article Suhel

    Building a brand is very important and this is at both the yours early age or the mature and experienced age.

    I wrote an article last week how to apply building a brad name and applying it to your blog. Seeing a blog is truly a brand the idea was applied very smoothly

    Great read thanks for submitting it to blogengage!

  2. Toon India
    September 21, 2009

    really nice post about brand building …looking forward to your next post..awesome blog!!

  3. uteridgepreft
    November 25, 2009

    Authentic words, some unadulterated words dude. You rocked my day!

  4. I think that people need to be very aware of the differences between brand identity and brand image. Often people get these very consfused. The correct identity will give them a fresh look and feel, however at the end of the day the image and business operators will really create the value in the brand.

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