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What is online branding and how can corporate websites become an effective brand touchpoint?

What is corporate website…….continued here

In my last post i discussed what is a corporate website & how organization loose there brand value through them . This post is all about regaining the lost ground. After all your website is your important brand touch point which you need to enhance your online experience.

To ease our discussion lets break it into three different sections,i.e

1) What is online Branding ?

2) Ten corporate website design tips

3) Some examples

4) Summary

What is online Branding?

Online Branding is the integration of the entire online buying, browsing and conversion process into one continuous string of communication that is relevant to the consumer. Its an amalgamation of everything from visual appearance to content to web marketing strategy. So if one aspect is overlooked then it directly affects your user experience and in turn your brand value.

Unlike the traditional media (print, TV etc), on internet the touchy feely brand experience immediately connects with your corporate website. A great online advertising campaign is fruitful if and only if the brand experience that results from the consumer interaction with the website is equally delightful. A great online advertising campaign can crush a brand extremely quickly if the site does not deliver on the perception portrayed by the advertising campaign.

The same is true for search engine marketing campaigns. Many marketers still seem to think search campaigns exist in a vacuum and wonder why they achieve less than expected results from their PPC campaigns. Its commonsense, what the ad copy promises is not usually found on the website. I don’t know why people are mad about just increasing the traffic.

Point: Be relevant, Be precise and don’t mislead the audience.

Rest will be continued in the next post on Sunday 15 Feb…

( I need to prepare for valentine guys..:) )


7 comments on “What is online branding and how can corporate websites become an effective brand touchpoint?

  1. garima
    February 11, 2009

    Rightly said !! Many a times i click on an add looking for a product and land up on a page which doesn’t offer me any substantial information about it. Its really irritating.

  2. Suhel Khan
    February 12, 2009

    Rightly commented Ms. Garima, this post is an outcome of the my irritation as well..Internet strategist sometime mix up there priorities and end up having huge audience for a bad show or a show in which people are not interested in..My effort through this blog is to help corporates put up a movie which there prospective and existing customer would love to watch…


  3. Viral
    February 12, 2009

    Its really needed that Online Branding should have display the specific details about product and also for the existing offers. But the problem is that this is not maintaining. So, the customer never get proper instruction.

  4. Amit
    February 12, 2009

    Good Approach….You’ve started a nice series. As being an SEO I can give you the answer why people are mad about increasing traffic?
    This is a misconception of corporates that they can get lead if they have traffic. Hence they use broad level of seo on their site. But the forget one thing at the very same site that a veg. will not take chicken if he came at shop.
    So, Online branding should start with user and entertain as well as engage the user rather then giving a feel that I am only for business.
    The simple methodology that I suggest to use web2.0 on site so that you have content that user like to see. Feedbacks that user wants to share and finally a feeling of trust and ease.
    Until you use new weapons of media you can’t stand at the online brand battleground.

    Keep Blogging. You write good 🙂

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