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Web 2.0 Trends

Web 2.0 ?!

I’m using the term “Web 2.0 design” to describe the prevailing style of web design I introduce in my current style article.

Many people use the term “Web 2.0” to describe:

  • a resurgence in the web economy
  • a new level of technological interactivity between web sites and services
  • or social phenomena deriving from new types of online communities and social networks

Many others also use the term in reference to a recent school of web design. I’m comfortable with using it in that context here.

In sociological terms, movements impact people on many levels: economic, cultural, political, etc. Is skate-punk about entertainment and sport, music and the music industry, fashion, or the breakdown of society?

Shortcut to Web2.0 Style

If you don’t have the resources to create your own “2.0”-style site design, TemplateMonster have just (17 July 07) launched a new Web 2.0 Templates section.

Of course, a purchased template won’t always hit your goals perfectly, but a custom design doesn’t always guarantee that either!

Many sites will benefit loads from applying a fresh, current design, and purchasing a template for under $100 can be a great way to achieve that! And TemplateMonster have been doing this for years, so I’d certainly recommend taking a look.

Small screenshots of TemplateMonster template Small screenshots of TemplateMonster template Small screenshots of TemplateMonster template


I’m going to take you through the features of the current wave of excellent web site designs, dissect the most significant features, explain why each one can be good, and show you how to use them in your own sites.

If I had to sum up “Web 2.0” design in one word, it would have to be “simplicity”, so that’s where we’ll start.

I’m a great believer in simplicity. I think it’s the way forward for web design.

Today’s simple, bold, elegant page designs deliver more with less:

  • They enable designers to shoot straight for the site’s goals, by guiding the site visitor’s eye through the use of fewer, well-chosen visual elements.
  • They use fewer words but say more, and carefully selected imagery to create the desired feel.

To be continued…


One comment on “Web 2.0 Trends

  1. Ypho
    July 29, 2010

    I’ve become a total web 2.0 freak since the last few years. It’s kind of a new internet standard for me.

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