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Design 2.0 Trends

In the future, website will design themselves !

I want to outline three key ideas based around web analytics that will underpin the future of design on the web, both in outcome and practise, particularly for bigger, content driven sites. These ideas are (i) the need for designers to understand and advocate for web analytics like we do web standards, (ii) the practice of designing for performance using web analytics and (iii) the automation of web analytics in the design process.

Some of these ideas are already being used and some are yet to develop, but they are all certainly a long way from the mainstream, which is where I firmly believe they should be.

This essay could also be called “Why multivariate testing is the future of content and commerce driven design on the web”, but that is a far less interesting title!

Before I get to the first point, let me tackle one obvious objection, stemming from the title of this piece – that web sites don’t generate design ideas, so they aren’t going to ‘design’ themselves anytime soon. True, ideas and aesthetics need to come from humans—designers, ideally, in the professional context—but what I envisage is a system where those ideas are essentially fed into the ‘machine’, tested, evaluated, and either incorporated into the site or dispensed with. The system is, of course, only as good as the ideas fed into it, but if the software behind the web site is responsible for the testing, evaluating and implementing these ideas, the web site could be thought of as ‘designing itself’.

Allow me to elaborate on the three ideas that I see taking the web design profession another big step forward:

To be continued..


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